2019 February


How Technology Can Help Weight Loss

It is never easy to deal with excess weight; the detrimental effects to health on one side, excess weight also has social implications and individuals are often discriminated against forcing them to resort to weight loss pills despite knowing its drawbacks and harmful side effects. But technology can help you deal with your weight issues and help you in your battle against weight loss.

  1. Fitness trackers: There is a plethora of choice in wearable fitness trackers that are designed to help you track your activity and the calories burnt. You can customize your tracker to suit your exercise routine and set up daily goals. You can also set up alerts which will remind you when you do not meet a target.  These devices also give you information on how many calories are burnt in different types of exercise. Thus, with these devices, you will be constantly aware of your goals and work towards them.
  2. Mini mixers: These portable easy-to-carry blenders help you stick to your diet and make your own smoothies with no extra calories and sweeteners.
  3. Fitness apps: Most often the culprits are food and drinks bought in supermarkets and at storefronts but now there are dedicated apps that can sync with your profile to find out if you have an allowance for the extra calories.
  4. Bathroom scales: A technologically advanced bathroom scale will send information on your BMI and muscle mass straight to your smartphone. This will help you watch over your meals, calorie intake and exercise routine.
  5. Sleep tracking: Lack of sleep is one reason that is often overlooked in weight loss programs. Getting adequate sleep is a prerequisite and fitness trackers can help there too as they send you frequent updates on your sleep patterns.

The latest health technology makes sticking to weight loss programs a breeze, do give them a try.…