2019 March 02


5 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Stories Views

If you are like the millions of Instagram users who want to increase their views, followers,and likes but do not know how to go about it, we can help you. We have compiled five tips that have helped other users to increase their views significantly.

  1. Networking matters: Your friends and colleagues may like you but you want a thousand others who are on Instagram to view your posts. So, to begin with, you must use ‘@’ to tag influencers, and other users you follow. They will get a notification when you appreciate their work and they will in return post your story giving it a wider audience beyond your reach.
  2. Hashtags are important: Insta users search for topics of interest using hashtags. Hence, use either a hashtag or a hashtag sticker with your story for making it visible in the hashtag search by users.
  3. Location sticker is must: By adding a location sticker to your story you are increasing your chances of being featured in any search for that location. Use as many details as possible like the town, district besides the most important of them – the country.
  4. Keep the post interactive: People like to interact with the owner of a post if they like it. Instagram has now made it possible for users to include interactive stickers like polls, swipe meter etc. to facilitate user interaction.
  5. Have a schedule for your posts:Out of sight is out of mind in this age, so to remain in your users’ memories always post regularly. Decide a day of the week and a time and ensure that you stick to this schedule. Usually, most users post minimum once a day. For example, if you have purchased a new handbag from Luxtime, click a nice photo of the bag or a selfie with it and post.